Kaplamin Ambalaj, having established as a multi-partnered company in 1976, improved itself in every field until today and took its place among the leading brands of the sector. It produces packaging materials for different sectors with its corrugated board production capacity of 80.000 tons and provides packaging solutions to the leading companies of Turkey. It produces packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables, solid and liquid oils, meat, fish, eggs, drinks and beverages in the agriculture and food sector and for sectors such as chemical products, consumer durables, ceramics, textile and readymade clothing.

Kaplamin Ambalaj, can produce types of A,B,C,E, B+C(double), B+E (micro double), A+C+B (triplex) flutes.

The company started production of triplex (A+C+B) products for heavy-duty packaging in 2005 and started serving to heavy-duty packaging in 2005 and stated serving to heavy industry sectors such as automotive spare parts, cast, plastic, etc.

We may reach to a very wide range of products thanks to our machinery having different dimensions and technical specifications.

The company continues its production on a total area of 50.348 m² including a closed area of 24.157 m²; and it always improves its blue and white collar personnel consisting of 170 people with its training and it has the position of a school with this structure.

The company has adopted the mission of timely delivery, excellence in product and print as well as the understanding of customer oriented production, sales and shipment. It presents its experience of 40 years in the packaging sector to the customers seeking perfection through its young and dynamic personnel supported through continuous training programs.

We apply entry and exit quality controls in its developed quality laboratory within the company uninterruptedly and precisely and thus guarantees its product quality. Its journey to quality has been continued since 1994 with its ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate and it was crowned with the BRC/IOP (Food Safety in Packaging) certificate in 2012.

Kaplamin Ambalaj works with all its power for 100% recycling of paper in addition to its economic social liabilities and thus, it fulfills its environmental responsibilities in the best way possible.

The company meets customer needs in the fastest and most appropriate way in design section.

Examples of design;

  • TSE Golden Packaging Competition (1997-2000-2003-2007-2009-2010-2011)

Bus Seat Packaging

Natural Stone Packaging

Multi Dimensional Packaging

Bus Glass Box

Shelf Packaging For Food

  • The Stars and Crescents of Packaging Competition (2015-2016)

Pane Box

Corner Reinforcement For Sanitary Ware

  • World Packaging Organization (1989-1997-2010-2016)

Bus Glass Box

Panel Box